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자 료 명 :Laser Marking UniQ™
내    용 : Features & BenefitsHigh reliability Full Fiber Laser Technology Ultra compact, “ALL-IN-ONE” design: No external c..
첨부파일 :DS-UNIQ-ENA4.pdf
자 료 명 :Datalogic Laser Marking - ULYXE FAMILY
내    용 : Info The Ulyxe product line provides ideal laser marking solutions for both stand-alone applications and industrial produc..
첨부파일 :DS-ULYXE-ENA4.pdf
자 료 명 :Datalogic Laser Marking - V-LASE
내    용 : Info The V-Lase is an end-pumped DPSS (diode-pumped solid state) Q-switched laser marking source @1064nm available in 10, ..
첨부파일 :V-LASE lasermarking datasheet.pdf
자 료 명 :Datalogic Laser Marking - GREEN LASE
내    용 : Info The Green-Lase family offers 4W and 10W DPSS laser marking sources @532 nm operating on the Lase platform and uses SH..
첨부파일 :Green-Lase lasermarking datasheet.pdf
자 료 명 :Datalogic Laser Marking - UV-LASE
내    용 :   Info The extra cavity technology allows high efficiency conversion of the LBO nonlinear crystal and compactness of..
첨부파일 :UV-LASE lasermarking datasheet e.pdf
자 료 명 :Datalogic Laser Marking - EOX
내    용 : EOX 10W_img EOX 30W_img   Info Extremely reliable, Datalogic EOX family offers high quality permanent marking on..
첨부파일 :DS-EOX_10W-ENA4.pdf, DS-EOX_30W-ENA4.pdf
자 료 명 :AREX
내    용 :   Laservall Marking system Arex   1. FIBER LASER 2. HIGH COMPACT MARKING HEAD 3. EXCELLENT BLACK MARKING O..
첨부파일 :AREX_Data Sheet.pdf, AREX_Product Manual.pdf